MovementPass is a mobile phone based app which will allow us to re-open borders

Shops, offices, manufacturing, hospitality, sporting events, festivals, cinemas, cultural sites, and hotels and will enable us to safely use taxi services, aeroplanes, trains, and public transport.

This App is designed to be used Globally

The main feature of the app would be to verify that the holder has Covid-19 antibodies and is not infectious or at risk of contracting Covid-19 and provide an “immunity passport” for the user. The data is stored in an independent, secure, blockchain database, based in Switzerland. We are not connected to any government, tech firm or data company. The only purpose of MovementPass is to help you move freely.

When a vaccine or antibody tests become available, we intend to provide these worldwide at no cost to the individual

Just register your interest, a link will then be sent to you which will require a full registration of your personal details. You will be able to add members of your family who are not adults or who do not have access to a mobile device.

This will then provide our customers with access to a secure and private blockchain database

Our Partners verify your MovementPass by accessing our secure and private blockchain database
The MovementPass app is on your phone and your status can be verified by our Partners when you make bookings, enter venues or travel across borders. No one else has access to your data.