We will have the verified immunity data uploaded into our secure database and it will receive a blockchain stamp to ensure the secure storage of the data

No, this is no Government backed, nor is it a form of contact tracing. This is verified data about your immunity and access to the data will only be with Partners who will need access to verify your MovementPass data showing your immunity.

Data can be uploaded as soon as the proof of immunity is confirmed. We believe a verified test, approved by WHO or local Government/s will be used and adopted by our users and customers. Whichever test is proven to be the most reliable will likely be adopted and potentially numerous tests could hold the same certainty of immunity. MovementPass wants to be independent and not dictate which specific test is only valid and believe testing will evolve and we must be flexible and nimble in our approach.


Once your verified proof of immunity is uploaded, this will create a MovementPass number. Our Partners (Airlines, Hotels, venues or anywhere social interaction is occurring, said Partner will pay a transaction fee to gain access to our database and verify the User is immune and therefore allow access and the safe movement of people.

Not only will MovementPass provide a unique code, it will also be a photo ID attached to the MovementPass number.

The ticket should not be able to be purchased without a MovementPass, so the scanned e-ticket could be suffice or a double verification of producing the MovementPass App in addition to might be required, a decision that could be made by the airline/hotel/train company. I see it being part of a process and an independent function of the App.

This is where the MovementPass App would work independently. For example, Mom books the table, confirms verbally that she and her family have been tested, verified, are immune and are all on the MovementPass register. They arrive, Mom shows her MovementPass which the restaurant verifies. Within the App it shows her children’s verification of immunity too in the form of a photo and the verification of the results and Dad shows his App on his phone to prove immunity too. Also, for older generations, Mom brings along her father who does not have a phone but who has been tested, is immune and who has been added to the Mom’s MovementPass account and who can verified with the rest of the family.

We believe venues will “make their own rules” on this but ultimately, if the venue accepts the MovementPass App as the passport for entry, then it should not matter who redeems the ticket. That said, ticket fraud has always and will always be around, so perhaps venues will not allow ticket swaps without them knowing who it is going to or refuse access?

As well as a MovementPass number, it will also have a photo ID on the App.

The venue could also verify a user if the user provides the venue with their MovementPass number on their App (on their phone in person)

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