Your immunity passport app to free 
movement and access

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Living free made safe

1. Register your interest online  

2. Receive a notification when tests are available in your country

3. Download the app

4. Have the results checked by a verified Organization for free

5. Upload the results to our secure server and get your blockchain stamp for free

6. Show your MovementPass at any participating Partner to move freely

Almost every country in the world has now been put into some form of restrictions or lockdowns from their respective Governments

This is something we have not seen before in the modern peace-time era. Not only are we afraid of getting sick and dying, the restrictions have put a large financial burden on the Global economy.

global traveling 2

MovementPass is a mobile phone based app which will allow us to re-open borders, restart events and open the doors of businesses

Shops, offices, manufacturing, hospitality, sporting events, festivals, cinemas, cultural sites, and hotels and it will enable us to safely use taxi services, aeroplanes, trains, and public transport.